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Adult Tennis Lessons Edinburgh

Edinburgh Tennis are proud to offer tennis lessons for adults at a selection of venues around Edinburgh and the Lothians.

Our Adult Coaching Programme contains options to suit everyone; ranging from those who are picking up a racket for the first time to experienced club players and from those who play recreationally to players whose focus is on competing.

Coaching is delivered by the partnership of Michael Millar and Finn Mclean, a pair of highly regarded and LTA qualified tennis coaches who have a vast amount of experience working with a range of adult players including complete beginners, improver level and club standard.

Adult Tennis Coaching Schedule

As mentioned above, the Edinburgh Tennis Adult Coaching Programme has been designed to have a solution for players of all abilities and skill levels.

Our programme operates on a nomadic basis which means that we move venues based on the season (e.g - switching between outdoors and indoors).

Adult Tennis (Beginner Level)

Tennis lessons including all the basics of tennis to help players start out with good technique, understand basic tactics, begin to rally and learn to play points.

The lessons are intended for players who are total beginners to the sport or have limited experience.


15.00 to 16.00 (one hour)

The next lesson block begins on Sunday 7th May '23.

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Adult Tennis (Improver & Intermediate Level)

Tennis lessons including a variety of drills, skills and games to help players gain better technique, develop tactical awareness, maintain rallies and play points.

The lessons are intended for players who can hold a rally so we welcome improver and intermediate level players.


15.00 to 17.00 (two hours)

The next lesson block begins on Sunday 7th May '23.

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Adult Tennis Clinic

Tennis clinics which aim to cover all aspects of the game that you'd find in our adult tennis lessons including shot development, tactical teaching, drills and matchplay in a fast track format.

The clinics run on Monday to Friday (inclusive) on the weeks listed below.

Monday to Friday


The next adult tennis clinic is planned for Summer '23.

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Need Some Help?

Tennis coaching class levels can be confusing so if you are unsure which is the right fit for you, don’t worry!

It's our mission to make sure you get the best experience and find the right fit to maximise both your learning and enjoyment.

Simply provide as much information as you can about you and your tennis experience and we will advise on the best solution.

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A high quality coaching programme that builds tennis skills and fitness levels.

Available to all abilities, from beginner to advanced and those that compete.

Multiple venues (indoor and outdoor).

Individual or group private lessons also available.

Adult Tennis Coaching Overview

Our programme uses a variety of coaching methods that help you build your skills in all aspects of the game.

Technical Coaching - Edinburgh Tennis

Technical Coaching

Learn proper technique for each tennis shot whilst becoming more consistent and preventing injury.

Tactical Coaching- Edinburgh Tennis

Tactical Coaching

Improve your tennis tactics and take part in basket drills and games against other players.

Playing The Game - Edinburgh Tennis

Playing The Game

Boosting your fitness with a specific focus on tennis skills, movement patterns and injury prevention.

Tournaments - Edinburgh Tennis


If you're looking to compete, we'll help you find suitable tennis tournaments and match opportunities.

Highly Recommended!

with Edinburgh Tennis are rated 5 / 5 by 16 people.

"Michael has been an excellent coach and a top lad!

I had so much fun attending the courses and meeting new people.

I have taken a few coaching lessons from other coaches, however; with Michael I was able to feel the most comfortable"

- 21st Oct 2022

     (5 / 5)

"I have attended the Adult Summer Tennis Clinic provided by Finn and Michael which was great to get back into the basics of tennis and work on the main strokes!

Both coaches have been great at observing the participants and giving feedback as well as suggesting how to improve the shots. Plenty of drills to practice too :)

Definitely recommend attending their classes or getting some lessons!"

- 9th Sept 2022

     (5 / 5)

"I'm an adult player, recently returned to the game after around 20 years. I have really enjoyed the sessions with Michael.

I have found the lessons really accessible and fun, and Michael is really flexible as an organiser and coach. There are usually another 1 or 2 other coaches there on the day too, so there is lots of opportunity for feedback. Would highly recommend."

- 8th Sept 2022

     (5 / 5)

"I'm thoroughly enjoying the Sunday evening beginner and improver classes at the Meadows with Micheal and Finn. A lot of fun and I'm amazed how much I've improved already!"

- 10th Aug 2022

     (5 / 5)

"I was looking for adult tennis classes to gain confidence in my shot making and shot selection. I found the Adult Summer Tennis Clinic provided by Finn and Michael.

Finn and Michael created a very friendly atmosphere. Everyday was focused on a different aspect of the game, with various drills and matchplays to put what we had talked about into practice.

They listened to our questions and were happy to show us and explain things we wanted to work on. They paid great attention on how we were performing and gave us very useful tips on how to improve.

I highly recommend taking classes with Finn and Michael and I will be back for future sessions."

- 5th Aug 2022

     (5 / 5)

"I am incredibly passionate about tennis so wherever I go for work or pleasure I try to fit in as much tennis as possible.

I happened to be in Edinburgh briefly for about a week or so and Michael kindly and promptly answered my SOS. Michael invited me to an adult group session and I had such a good, fun evening with a great group of people.

I highly recommend you reaching out to Michael and Finn. I'll 100% go back again for another session the next time I'm back in Edinburgh."

- 27th Apr 2022

     (5 / 5)

"I am at beginner tennis level and have been playing recreationally on and off before. I attended Michael's lessons with the goal to improve and learn technique. Within a short period of time I have learned to serve, improved my forehand, backhand and learned to slice. This has been achieved by his clever step-by-step approach intertwined with motivational aspects of the game and even the addition of some tactical advice to the game. The lessons have far exceeded my expectations in advancing my skills and most importantly been a lot of fun. I can highly recommend it!"

- 2nd Sept 2021

     (5 / 5)

"The lessons given by Michael are exceptional. He has an impressive attention to detail combined with endless patience and a really fantastic ability to explain things helpfully. By the end of every lesson I've managed to make a noticeable improvement in whatever we've been working on together. I can't recommend him highly enough."

- 31st Aug 2021

     (5 / 5)

"I'm 35 years old and have never played tennis before, but decided to give it a try after a series of injuries left me unable to participate in endurance athletics, which is my usual form of exercise. I reached out to Michael and after a brief conversation I felt totally comfortable scheduling a lesson with him, despite my adult-beginner status!

Michael's lessons are well-structured, and really enjoyable. Personally, I prefer an intense style of workout, which Michael always delivers, while still helping me learn the technical side of things. I really appreciate that I can have fun playing and notice improvements from one lesson to the next.

I've also taken advantage of one of Michael's week-long adult clinics, which was a great way to progress my skills and meet other beginners in an un-intimidating, yet challenging environment."

- 30th Aug 2021

     (5 / 5)

"I took advantage of one of Michael's adult intensive courses during the summer holidays and can thoroughly recommend working with him and his team.

As a teacher myself, I was impressed with how well structured each session was and how each activity helped me improve my tennis as well as being incredibly enjoyable. Each session had a clear aim and included both technical training and match practice.

Michael creates a friendly yet professional atmosphere and builds confidence through praise but is quick to point out errors you are making and offer advice on how to correct this. I had great fun and the improvements were clear for everybody who attended, judging by the rallies that I and others were having at the end of the week."

- 1st Aug 2021

     (5 / 5)

"I started my sessions with Michael after a 3 year long break from tennis. Over five sessions, we focussed primarily on my backhand and serve.

Michael did a great job of picking apart the different elements of my technique and working on these one-by-one. There was clear progression from one session to the next, which allowed me to assemble individual components of my backhand swing and serve into coherent actions. I was then able to apply these skills in match situations.

Michael's attention to detail made our sessions both enjoyable and highly productive."

- 6th Apr 2021

     (5 / 5)

"Following a 10 year tennis playing hiatus, I reached out to Michael to brush up on my social tennis skills.

He is a really good communicator, has a great understanding of the game and makes the technical side of tennis easy to understand. He mixes up what we cover in our sessions (from techniques to match playing tips) which keeps the lessons fun. I would highly recommend him to anyone."

- 18th Mar 2021

     (5 / 5)

"I am pleased to find Michael as my one to one coach. He is very organised and patient.

For an adult beginner like myself, Michael is able to help me to dissect the challenging technical aspects (such as serving, forehand backhand, strength/spinning) into more achievable action points which I could practice, and hopefully to achieve collective tangible results.

Thank you Michael."

- 25th Feb 2021

     (5 / 5)

"Michael put me at ease and showed me the basics of tennis in a friendly and fun way. I haven't played tennis before so it makes learning the sport much easier."

- 15th Dec 2020

     (5 / 5)

"I really like Michael's teaching approach. Building layers from the basics to more advanced stuff. Lessons are well planned and there is a good balance of different kind of exercises.

I really like that Michael is giving feedback in every exercise we do, which helps to get the technique right!

Finally, Michael is very easy going and makes the lessons relaxed, fun and challenging. This is my very first experience with tennis and I LOVE it! :)"

- 27th Sept 2020

     (5 / 5)

"I was staying in Edinburgh for my vacation week and did morning training sessions with Michael :)

I really loved the variety of exercises and different techniques and tips that Michael shared. He is really in to teach you well and that helps you to improve. He is also very chilled and fun so you for sure will have fun while playing.

Highly recommend to anyone who wants to start or continue on tennis!"

- 17th Aug 2020

     (5 / 5)