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Junior Tennis Lessons Edinburgh

Edinburgh Tennis are proud to offer junior tennis lessons at a selection of venues around Edinburgh and the Lothians for children of all ages and abilities.

Tennis coaching for juniors encompasses a huge range of age groups and skill levels but Edinburgh Tennis are uniquely able to offer lessons for children who are just starting out on their tennis journey, playing recreationally or competing at a County level or higher.

Kids lessons are delivered by highly experienced and LTA Accredited tennis coach Michael Millar and can be on a one to one or group basis.

The programme closely follows the guidelines set by the LTA and ITF in terms of ball stages, player progressions, pathways and competition structures.

One of the largest benefits of tennis lessons with Edinburgh Tennis is that they can be completely tailored to suit your child and their tennis. Contact us today and we'll be happy to discuss your requirements.

Junior Tennis Coaching Methodology

At Edinburgh Tennis we use coaching methods that consider all aspects of the game to help your child become a well rounded and balanced tennis player.

Technical Coaching - Edinburgh Tennis

Technical Coaching

Your child will be taught proper technique for each tennis shot in a way that relates to them and is, most importantly, fun!

Tactical Coaching- Edinburgh Tennis

Tactical Coaching

Your child will learn fundamental tennis tactics and more by participating in basket drills and games with other players.

Playing The Game - Edinburgh Tennis

Playing The Game

Your child will learn to play the game of tennis by taking part in match situations and conditioned games.

Tournament Planning - Edinburgh Tennis

Tournament Planning

When they're ready, we'll work with you to find suitable tennis tournaments and other opportunities for your child.

A high quality, dynamic coaching programme that balances learning, exercise and fun.

Available for children of all ages, from 3 to 18, and based around the LTA framework.

Options to suit all abilities, from beginner to County level and beyond.

Multiple venues (indoor and outdoor).

Individual or group private lessons available.

with Edinburgh Tennis are rated 5 / 5 by 16 people.

"Michael is a great coach! My son has taken lessons at several clubs in the city and with multiple coaches and from my perspective Michael's lessons are by far the best.

Michael is very enthuthiastic and patient, and he has a lot of experience in communicating tennis concepts to young kids. My son first took group lessons with him and is currently doing individual training. He clearly gets better and better with every lesson, which is a pleasure to watch.

My son is always excited and happy to go to his coaching."

(parent) - 29th September 2020

     (5 / 5)

"Michael is an educator and a role model for the children he works with.

In his coaching, he is thorough but gentle, balancing the focus on technique with building the children's confidence and passion for tennis.

In group lessons, Michael pays attention to every member of the class and encourages sportsmanship and discipline, while also making the sessions engaging and enjoyable.

During private coaching, Michael sets a development plan based on the pupil's personal needs, and focuses on polishing technique with great attention to detail.

Last but not least, Michael has great charisma and is respected by pupils and parents alike for his charitable activities (Advantage - Tennis For Good!), which set a great example for the young players he has been coaching over the years."

(parent) - 21st Sept 2020

     (5 / 5)

"Excellent, engaging instruction.

My sons (ages 10 and 11) were not very skilled when we started this summer, but they enjoyed just hitting back and forth. Now, they are learning and practicing skills that have really developed their game.

Great exercise, and motivates my sons to be active and healthy. An absolute neighborhood treasure!"

(parent) - 28th August 2020

     (5 / 5)

"Michael has taught my son in group and private lessons for the past few years and I feel that that we've been very lucky to find such a great tennis coach in Edinburgh!

He is very organised and gave advice on, and helped source, a new racket which was very helpful. My son has really improved and benefitted from Michael's patient, rigorous and enjoyable coaching sessions.

I would highly recommend Michael to anyone looking for a quality tennis coach."

(parent) - 27th August 2020

     (5 / 5)

"Both of my children enormously enjoyed their lessons with Michael, and benefitted physically and mentally from his patient and expert tuition.

They both have very different capabilities, strengths and weaknesses but Michael was able to keep both engaged and enthusiastic throughout. They were always keen to return, and found the hour stimulating and fun, while learning key coordination skills based around improving their tennis skills, but also greatly developing them physically and with general coordination and fitness.

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Michael as a teacher to anyone at any level of tennis from absolute beginner upwards."

(parents) - 10th August 2020

     (5 / 5)

"Michael is a great coach and fantastic with children. He is equipped with extensive knowledge and is endlessly patient in keeping my son engaged throughout the training. His classes are well-structured and have helped develop the core skills that my son needs in tennis. Training with Michael is always fun and motivating. He also has helped my son to be more focused, confident and made very positive progress in every class. Michael's dedication and enthusiasm are inspiring. Could not recommend Michael highly enough!"

(parent) - 1st August 2020

     (5 / 5)

"Michael has coached our 8-year-old son and 6-year-old daughter on Saturday mornings.

He is an outstanding coach, dedicated and talented. He makes lessons great fun, and manages to tailor the activities to the different skill levels of both of our children. He is able to teach technical aspects in a way that is easily understandable for youngsters, and keeps them fully engaged for the full hour that the (very reasonably-priced) lessons last.

Both of our kids love the lessons and can't wait to go back each week. Highly recommended."

(parent) - 1st August 2020

     (5 / 5)

"Michael coached my 8 and 10 year old son and he was fantastic! He was very engaging and made the lessons fun, and also managed to adapt to each of their different levels during the lesson. I could see a difference in their skills and confidence after only a couple of lessons!"

(parent) - 1st August 2020

     (5 / 5)

"Michael is a very talented coach. He is focused, methodical and manages to keep children engaged from start to finish.

We could see improvements in technique almost straight away, but, most importantly, he revived our children's enthusiasm for the game and they now always look forward to their lessons.

Michael is also extremely professional in his communication and with logistics, which is a big bonus."

(parents) - 26th July 2020

     (5 / 5)

"Michael has been coaching my oldest son (P6) for a couple of years and recently also started coaching our youngest (P2). He is by far the best coach the boys have had. He manages to keep them engaged, focused and working hard. He regularly goes above and beyond, for example starting games early rather than having a class standing around waiting if a court is available. He has enthused them to join in matchplay events to improve their skills. During lessons he keeps the class very active so there isn't any 'boring bits'. The variety and number of skill games that he uses in teaching is very impressive.

Post lockdown restrictions Michael has been coaching both my boys in a single lesson, given the 4 year age gap this is challenging, but he has made their lesson a highlight of their week and their play has benefitted immensely from it."

(parent) - 24th July 2020

     (5 / 5)

"We were fortunate that Michael was the coach who introduced both our boys to tennis, at the age of 3.

His classes are fun, but structured and instilled in both an enthusiasm for the sport along with a discipline for training.

I am constantly amazed by how he manages to maintain focus amongst pre-school and young children in group and individual classes alike. Highly recommended."

(parent) - 15th July 2020

     (5 / 5)

"Michael is an excellent coach who really makes learning fun for the kids. My son started with the 'Tennis Tots' group coaching sessions at Craiglockhart and has always loved taking part in all the games and drills designed by Michael to introduce them to the fundamentals of tennis. The emphasis is always on enjoying the game but with a clear focus on making progress and creating a sense of achievement.

More recently, due to the closure of indoor venues, we have started with some private one-to-one tuition. These sessions are varied, retain the fun element and have allowed my son to really improve his strokes.

Michael's enthusiasm for the game shines through and he transmits this passion to those he is coaching. He has a wealth of experience coaching children and adults of all ages and abilities and I would highly recommend him."

(parent) - 14th July 2020

     (5 / 5)

"Michael has coached our daughter for 6 years now. His ability to bring out the best in all the kids he coaches is invaluable no matter what the child's standard of play.

Michael's love of coaching is evident in all that he does and he is generous in his praise. His determination to make sessions happen has seen him shoveling snow and salting courts on rather wintry Edinburgh mornings.

It is due in no small part to Michael's influence that our daughter is keen to take coaching qualifications and pass on her love for the game to younger children."

(parent) - 14th May 2020

     (5 / 5)

"Michael has been coaching my son for several years at the Meadows in Edinburgh in all weather conditions but always with enthusiasm and good humour. He mixes teaching skills and techniques through drills with more competitive point-based games always with an emphasis on fun and fair play.

My son's tennis has progressed impressively over the years since he has been in Michael's groups from having limited tennis experience to now playing regularly for the Meadows Club junior teams.

Michael is very approachable and has a great rapport with the young people he coaches. He has always been punctual and reliable and shows great dedication to tennis through coaching the Meadows tennis teams in the evenings in addition to his other coaching commitments.

I would highly recommend Michael as a tennis coach to children of all ages and stages of the game."

(parent) - 12th May 2020

     (5 / 5)

"I can say with absolute confidence that Michael is the best coach our son has ever had.

Michael has been our son's coach for a year and a half, and in that time we've been impressed by Michael's attention to every detail of our son's game. Our son's skill has improved substantially because of Michael's strength as a coach. He manages to be both patient and relentless, and our son likes him very much.

Having watched Michael with our son and other kids, Michael approaches each one depending on his or her own needs, understanding that each child is different, and tailoring his approach to fit them. He routinely provides us with specific feedback on where our son is doing well and what he's working on.

Michael has also helped our son and several others participate in tournaments throughout Scotland. He takes the initiative to get them engaged and then follows through with rides and the full spectrum of coaching support. We'd highly recommend him as a coach."

(parent) - 11th May 2020

     (5 / 5)

"Michael is an incredible source of tennis inspiration for my teenage daughter Lucy whom he has taught for many years. He is an excellent coach with a lovely way of engaging children and young people – he brings them on in a fun yet effective way where they thrive. Lucy thoroughly enjoys her sessions with Michael and her tennis has improved significantly under his coaching. She looks forward to each lesson with Michael and learning new tennis skills.

He is totally dedicated to all the young people he works with and we have seen this each week in his sessions and also the work he has done for Advantage tennis. He regularly organises additional competitions and tennis opportunities for all levels which allows expansion of skills in the context of, for example, charity fundraisers. Lucy and her friends are always keen to be involved in these opportunities which are really appreciated.

I would highly recommend Michael for tennis coaching."

(parent) - 8th May 2020

     (5 / 5)

LTA Accredited